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Welcome to my blog!

I love all types of photos.  Especially love the ones I take of my children when they don't know I have my camera in my hand.   I love pictures that my kids draw for me and I "post-it" them all over my office.  I love the little things to look back on and remember a special day.  I love old black and white photos of my father when he was in the navy.  I love pictures that my kids take...even though they are out of focus. Because it comes from their heart.

I once took a workshop, and one of the photographers told me to write down and focus on the things I love.   I try and do this every morning ~ it sure is a nice way to start out the day.

I would love to meet you and your family.....if you are interested in booking a session contact me at 310-956-0976 or

Los Angeles Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

I met this family about a year ago to photograph big brother….and my heart melted with his eyes and his smile……well new baby brother had me with his eyelashes.  And that he slept the entire time we took pictures.  He was perfect…..and was such a little peanut and didn’t mind anything we did with him.  Did I mention the lashes??  These are going to be two handsome little guys for sure.  Thank you again for sharing them with me for the morning, my “littles” are not so little anymore and I loved spending time with these two.

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So this is where those gorgeous lashes came from……♥♥

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December 30, 2014 - 6:57 am E - Beautiful Work!

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography | Mr. Tom Sturges


I walked into his garage after he said he was in the “music business”…I don’t know a ton about the music industry so I didn’t expect to recognize anyone he had worked with.  I almost dropped my camera on his cement garage floor when he was rattling off bands that he signed…Smashing Pumpkins, 50 cent, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Jack Johnson….OMG and the list goes on.   And then I’m sure I turned several shades of red for not knowing WHO he was!   Presently a successful author, motivational speaker and teacher at UCLA.  Amazing. It was really a pleasure…and a VERY interesting afternoon.   I could have listened to him talk about creativity all day.  It’s interesting when someone can transform different aspects of being creative from music, to photography to business and sales.   Nice to meet you Mr. Sturges.  Hope we cross paths again.

Sturges 5076WEB

Palos Verdes Family Photographer {Heidi Walter Photography}

This sweet little guy had the most squeezable cheeks….I miss that. Mine are tall and leaning out and baby fat is all. gone. Sad…one day they are chubby with little rolls and the next they are sitting on the bed trying to decide who has more “packs” on their tummys.  That really happens at my house…almost daily.  Always a beautiful day at the Malaga Cove Library!

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December 8, 2014 - 8:44 am Erin Hegedus - We had such a blast! Will cherish these forever!! --Erin

Venice Canals – Los Angeles Photographer {Heidi Walter Photography}

Meet this darling family…..seriously they could not be any  more photogenic.  I first met them when the little guy was a baby and when I was asked again to take their pictures I jumped at the chance.  Big sister was all smiles. every photo. smiles.  I may have even asked her for a serious face and she giggled…nooooooooooo. :)  It was a perfect evening, beautiful light, gorgeous kiddos and one of my favorite shoots.   We saw some girls in a beautiful rowboat and I thought immediately that we may be able to rent one on the fly.  So we asked them where they got it and their response was…”It came with the house”.  Darn…of course it did.  Oh well, we stuck to bridges and paths and we were just fine.

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One Year | Hermosa Beach Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Meet the happiest, smiliest, most easy going kid I think I have met in about 4 years of sessions…  Now they are all pretty easy going, happy and enjoy the camera, but nothing like this one. Every time I called her name she looked at me with a cute little toothy grin.  She wasn’t afraid at all, it was was such a fun session.  Plus she was just darling and talked more than most one year olds too!!  This area has become a favorite place to shoot, the light is always perfect, it’s quiet and safe and pretty confined for my little clients that like to “run”.  Plus, we can always hear the peacocks in the background and sometimes they even walk down the street out in plain view.  Very exciting. :)

This is also coming to be my new favorite age.  Everything is exciting, just walking and how they just want to be held and snuggled by their parents.  It’s just so cute and I’ll be honest I miss it.  My littles are not so little anymore, 8 & 10 years old, and they will still let me hug and kiss them before school {they actually ask for it!!!!!}..but that will not last much longer.  So its so fun to get to know these little ones and hang out with them for a short amount of time.   I always leave sessions remembering mine at this age.  Lots of the kiddos have similar characteristics of mine, from teeth to pony tails to wobbly walking styles.   Just another reason I am grateful for my clients..sharing their little ones with me. ♥♥

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8 months | Heidi Walter Photography | Palos Verdes Estates Photographer

I am dying to post her 1 year shots…but I guess I haven’t even put up her latest shots!!  Blogging is not my strength, mostly because there. is. just. no. time. in the day. :)  We have work…{well I have work}, school, homework, soccer, dance, playmates, dinner, grocery store, all those fun life errands that get in the way of me and showing off my latest sessions.  I either need more hours in the day or some adult ADD medicine. :)  All kidding aside, this little one is truly a favorite…been shooting her since she was a newborn and she will be one in just a few days.  This was about 8 months…and just a love to shoot. ♥

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Father’s Day Mini-Sessions | Heidi Walter Photography

Looking for a gift for dad….and some updated pictures of your little ones?  Father’s Day Mini-Sessions booking now. :)






Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

A preview of the most darling children…and sweet….and polite….and the most perfect little addition to their family.  ♥


Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

These two big brothers are one of the reasons I love to take pictures.  They were completely infatuated with their new little sister and they were so much fun, so happy and so eager to help me with taking pictures.  I have known the brothers since early preschool and I can’t believe that they are in elementary school…well at least the older is.  Time flies….  This sweet little girl will be so lucky growing up with these two. :)  She was so calm and sleepy, made for darling photos, such a beautiful little family. ♥

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Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Sessions are all custom and this one was all about new baby B.  I almost died when I saw the little knitted cowboy boots that mom had for him.  Plus the light was beautiful and the baby was perfect.  Nice and sleepy with an occasional smile, yawn and of course he was nice enough to show me his beautiful eyes.   I loved the nursery, it was just so cute with all the little details of books, pictures and artwork.  {I wish I had that talent of decorating.}

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